Dom Manuel II

  • Location

    Porto, Portugal

  • Development Type


  • Development Area

    900 sqm

  • Typology

    8 Apartments + 1 Shop

  • Start Date

    Q2 2018

  • Status


  • Architecture

    ArqX + Harry Wolf / Q.Arch

  • Coordination


  • Specialities

    Filipa Abreu, Fernada Valente, Gpic, DAJ - Estudos e Projetos.

  • Interior Design

    João Santos

Dom Manuel II

Dom Manuel II was Qualiv’s revitalization of an 18th-century, two-story townhouse on Rua Dom Manuel, Porto, into an eight-unit, five-story luxury residence. The building’s facade was returned to its original state and heightened, the granite structure sandblasted, the stucco painted and the balcony rails treated. Inside, a large central skylight illuminates a spiral staircase. The ceilings are composed of a series of shallow vaults filled in the traditional style with bricks, the floors are golden oak in a classic herringbone pattern. The new north-face of the building, looking out onto the gardens, is designed floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall with insulated glass.

Paraíso 331

Porto, Portugal

Paraíso 331