Madalena Houses

  • Location

    Gaia, Portugal

  • Development Type

    New Build

  • Development Area

    9943 sqm

  • Typology

    Single Family Houses

  • Start Date

    Q4 2022

  • Status

    In Project

  • Architecture

    Adriano Pimenta

Madalena Houses

Timeless and functional new family homes are defining the tone of the neighborhood at our Madalena development. The eclectic surroundings of this Vila Nova de Gaia location include favorite beach destinations, protected green spaces, and a mix of new and established residents. In developing the 15 urban beach houses on an expanse of lush land, our focus is on optimizing indoor and outdoor space and balancing affordability with the trademark Qualiv standards. The Madalena Houses are set to be the most sought-after beachfront homes.  

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