Rua Dom Manuel

Rua Dom Manuel
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    Rua dom Manuel II 96-98

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    Report issue Q1 2021
    Date of Issue 31-03-2021
    Next Issue 30-06-2021

Dom Manuel is a total rehabilitation of an 18th-century Portuguese townhouse into 8 modern apartments and one shop with architectural details that reflect the craftsmanship of Porto’s construction techniques.

The construction maintains the front facade of traditional tiled facades and windows with French balconies. The structure of the building is entirely new. The back facade of the building is full glass with aluminum profiles, opening up the view to the garden of the National Museum of Soares dos Reis.


Concrete Pouring

01.18.2021 Concreting of the vaulted slab of the 3rd floor
02.02.2021 Concreting of the vaulted slab on the 4th floor
02.19.2021 Concreting the reinforced concrete roof of the elevator
02.25.2021 Concreting of the building's reinforced concrete roof

Execution of the structure in Light Steel Frame (except Mezzanine)

The structure of the walls above the 4th floor is in Light Steel Frame (LSF). It is a constructive method that is based on the use of steel as the main structural material, which is manufactured by melding sheets with low thickness, cold-formed. The profiles are formed by bending or profiling, and joined by screws, forming the structures. This method results in low-weight buildings, ideal for rehabilitation.

Date of execution: 01.28-02.26.2021

Works of Architecture and Infrastructures

Works of Architecture and Infrastructures
03.01.2021 Prepare markings and passages for infrastructure piping

03.08.3031 Beginning of the execution of the walls of the sanitary installations in masonry

25.03.3031 Execution of mezzanines - structure in LSF and OSB

Transition of structural to finishes contractor

Inspection of structural works completed by Tovisi construction companies has been completed. The site has been fully transferred to Edivimea construction company, which will complete the infrastructure works and carry out the interior fit-out.

Deadline Control

Contrary to expectations, most of the stability work was only completed at the end of February 2021, with some works carried out in March 2021.

The delay in completing the stability contract was due to several factors, the contractor was unable to fulfil the work within the agreed period. Qualive project managers had demanded a reinforcement of the construction team to make up the lost time. However, the demand was rejected due to the limit of people onsite during the COVID pandemic. The deviation recovering plan, therefore, was not effective.

The transition to a new contract that will carry out the completion of infrastructure works and interior fit-out was completed in March 2021. The new timeline projects the completion of the works to take place at the end of Q3 2021, the date when the tests of installations, inspections, and certifications by the municipal entities and connections by the concessionaires of the public energy, water supply, and drainage services will be carried out.

Deviation Recovery Plan

Given the delays, the project management team continues to analyze the projects to seek optimization in planning. The project manager will prioritize the execution of works, which impact inspections and certification of licensing. The new planning will allow the anticipation of the use license and the connections with public utilities in parallel with the final phase of works.

Quality Control and Timeline Control

During the structural works, some discrepancies in wall dimensions were noticed in execution. The architectural team adapted project solutions and promptly notified the construction company with a revised plan.

The execution of the light steel structure (LSF) was conducted. However, the existing site conditions require a final correction for the roof level with plaster board. The project has been revised and adapted by both design and construction teams.

Budget Control

Until 31 Mar 2021, 43% of total construction works was invested and 100% of total works was awarded.