Rua Dom Manuel

Rua Dom Manuel
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    Rua dom Manuel II 96-98

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    Report issue Q1 2022 - Practical Completion
    Date of Issue 31-03-2022

Dom Manuel is a total rehabilitation of an 18th-century Portuguese townhouse into 8 modern apartments and one shop with architectural details that reflect the craftsmanship of Porto’s construction techniques.

The construction maintains the front facade of traditional tiled facades and windows with French balconies. The structure of the building is entirely new. The back facade of the building is full glass with aluminum profiles, opening up the view to the garden of the National Museum of Soares dos Reis.


Practical Completion

Practical completion was achieved on 9th March 2022.

As a result, a List of Final Defects has been compiled and fixed by the Contractor.

The project was marked completed on 9th March. Currently, the building is undergoing public utility connections and city hall final inspections.

Final Photos

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Deadline Control

The main reason for the additional delay following the previous report, was due to the Testing and Commissioning of the underfloor heating systems, initially because we were awaiting to the permanent Electricity Supply to be connected and afterwards due to the lack of availability of the manufacturer engineers, as they were required to come onsite for formally start-up the equipment, for warranty reasons.

Utility Connections

As works progressed towards completion, the water and drainage connection were requested early January 2022, however, due to the existing obstructions in the footpath and main road, the services provider (Águas do Porto) is taking additional time to preform the connection, nonetheless, and although no official date has been provided, the process is already reaching it final stage and the connection is expected to be completed within the forthcoming weeks.
The permanent electricity connection was completed early February and the contract for the electricity supply for the Common Areas has already been agreed.

Use License

The Horizontal Property process has been submitted to the City Hall, once the water and drainage connection has been completed, we will proceed with the Use License request.

Owners Manual

In parallel with the above the Construction Manager and the Inspection Team have started to collect and compile the information for the Owners Manual, such as the Technical Files, the Energy Certificate and the Operation and Maintenance Manuals (OMMs).

Budget Control

Until 31 March 2022, 100% of total construction works was invested and 100% of total works was awarded.