Antiga Fábrica do Prado

  • Location

    Matosinhos, Portugal

  • Development Type

    Rehabilitation + New Build

  • Development Area

    6555 sqm

  • Typology

    30 Apartments
    Gym & Coworking

  • Start Date

    Q3 2022

  • Status

    In construction

  • Architecture


  • Coordination


  • Specialities

    DAL-Estudos e Projetos

Originally a sardine canning factory established in 1934, Antiga Fabrica do Prado is being developed into a residential building near the ocean in the port town of Matosinhos Sul. The project plans to maintain the factory’s original facade and outer character while creating gardens on the south, west, and east sides of the building. Inside, the new design will give ample light to the 1-4 bedroom apartments which will share a co-working space, gym, pool, and parking lot.

Palacete da Misericórdia

Évora, Portugal

Palacete da Misericórdia