Dom Pedro Quinto Residences

  • Location

    Porto, Portugal

  • Development Type

    Rehabilitation + New Build

  • Development Area

    2900 sqm

  • Typology

    25 Apartments
    1 Guest house

  • Start Date

    Q3 2019

  • Status


  • Architecture

    Adriano Pimenta + Q.Arch

  • Coordination


  • Specialities

    Adão da Fonseca, GET, Vertente Rabisco, Síncrono, Rita Guedes.

Four cohesive housing concepts have been built within the ancient granite walls at the top of Porto’s Rua Dom Pedro Quinto. The original mansion nestled at the center of this terraced quarter was renovated into a six-bedroom guesthouse, now called Casa Dom Pedro, and includes a new pool and breakfast room. The three modern concrete structures, Casa Jardim, Casa Terraço and Casa Boavista offer a variety of 2-3 bedroom apartments, each with private entrances and access to and from the gardens.

Dom Manuel II

Porto, Portugal

Dom Manuel II